CITGO and its locally owned and independently operated service stations have been part of the Florida community for more than 40 years.


More than 850 locally-owned CITGO Stations

Approximately 6,000 local Floridian jobs

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CITGO is committed to ensuring its independently-operated stations can supply local emergency services and evacuating residents with fuel during times of crisis such as huuricanes.

CITGO operates 3 terminals in Florda, providing additional jobs and ensuring Floridians have ample and stable access to fuel whenever they need it.

Florida's CITGO retailers and distributors contribute to a variety of local charities and community programs including United Way of Miami-Dade, Teddies for Troopers, and The Florida Turnpike Road Ranger Program.

Many CITGO marketers and retailers in Florida have served their communities in public office with positions including Mayor of Miami Springs and member of the Florida House of Representatives.

CITGO's terminal and storage facility workers partner with Florida's emergency management operations to optimize hurricane fule supplies and coordinate specific response whenever a storm hits.

CITGO, headquartered in Houston, TX, is a community of more than 4,000 U.S. employees and almost 60,000 workers employedf by a vast retail network of independent entrepreneurs that benefits local, state, and national economies throughout America.

In addition to our 40 year commitment to Florida, CITGO has been a part of the American fabric for nearly 100 years after being founded in Bartlesville, OK, in 1910.

CITGO operates three refineries in the United States, in Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois, which have a refining capacity of almost 750,000 barrels of oil per day, generate more than 6,000 local jobs and contribute more than $100 million annually in state and local tax payments.

CITGO is investing for the future -- national refining operations have pledged almost $2.2 billion in capital projects to benefit local communities and the environment over the next five years.

In 2007, CITGO contributed more than $80 million to charitable causes across the United States, more than twice the average percentage of revenues of the Fortune 100 companies and five times more than of all other energy industry companies.

CITGO is the largest corporate sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the United States, raising more than $100 million over the past 23 years and a record $11.8 million in 2008.