HOUSTON, June 11, 2013 – CITGO Lubricants recently launched its Pacemaker GEO LFG LA 40 gas engine oil with the exclusive GE Jenbacher seal of approval. Designed for biogas operating conditions, Pacemaker GEO LFG LA 40 provides advanced engine protection from contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, halogens and siloxanes.

“Few brands survive the rigorous testing required for GE Jenbacher approval, so we are very proud that our product received it,” said Karl Schmidt, general manager of petrochemicals and lubricants for CITGO Petroleum Corporation. “Operators can be confident that our Pacemaker LFG LA 40 will protect a variety of their engines while reducing their operating costs.”

This revolutionary oil has been field-tested and proven to extend drain intervals relative to other major brands. It increases the run time of the engines before extensive overhauls, resulting in significantly less downtime and reduced overall maintenance costs. Pacemaker GEO LFG LA 40 adds to an already robust list of gas engine oil products, solidifying CITGO Lubricants as a major player in the landfill and digester gas segment.

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