CITGO Loading Rack Lemont

Lemont Refinery Loading Rack Information

General Information

To make loading and unloading quicker and easier, we’ve provided the following information for drivers utilizing the loading rack at the CITGO deep conversion refinery in Lemont, Illinois.

CITGO Petroleum Corporation – Solvent Truck Rack
135th Street and New Avenue
Lemont, IL 60439-3659

Loading Hours:

  • 24 hours a day, starting at 10:30 p.m. Sunday until 9 p.m. Friday
  • Closed Saturday, Sunday and designated holidays
  • No Appointment Necessary

Directions from I-55:

  1. 1. Take I-55 to Lemont Road.
  2. 2. Proceed south on Lemont Road. Go over the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal Bridge to the stoplight at the foot of the bridge.
  3. 3. Turn right and loop back to New Avenue (New Avenue runs under the bridge you just crossed).
  4. 4. Turn left onto New Avenue.
  5. 5. The solvent truck loading rack is approximately three miles down on the left side, directly under the rack of overhead piping that crosses the road.

Directions from I-355:

  1. 1. Take I-355 to 127th Street, exit # 8, and head West.
  2. 2. Turn right at New Avenue (The Fuels Loading Rack is located at this corner)
  3. 3. Drive North 0.3 miles to the Solvents Loading Rack on your right, the East side of New Avenue.

Solvent Truck Rack - Loading Requirements

  • All drivers must entirely complete or provide a completed CITGO Trucker’s Request for Petroleum Products form, available at the loading rack. The shaded area of the form must include the tank certification plate maximum capacities.
  • All trailers must be clean, dry and odor-free. Each truck must have a cleaning certificate from a recognized cleaning facility or shipping papers showing a CITGO-produced product as the immediate prior cargo. Cleaning certificates should be properly completed, signed, and should include the name and phone number of the cleaning facility. Photocopies will not be accepted. There are no waivers for this requirement.
  • All trucks must be grounded in accordance with the Solvent Loading Rack grounding instructions.
  • All trailers must have a non-skid work surface on top of the trailer or down the side of sufficient length to allow the loaders to move from loading arm to loading arm without repositioning the truck.
  • Capacity of each compartment/trailer must be marked in two-inch letters on or near the dome. The tank certification plate must be stamped showing the capacity of each individual compartment.
  • Interior temperature of the trailer must be below 100° F before loading, unless ambient temperature prohibits the tank from cooling. Maximum rack height clearance is 12'6”.
  • Drivers will not be allowed to add any additive to the product already loaded while on CITGO property.
  • Winter conditions: Top of trailer must be free of ice and snow. Wing nuts shall be lubricated and free of ice and snow, as near-zero temperature can cause freezing of dome cover wing nuts.
  • No cell phones are allowed beyond driver trailer area. Drivers must put phones away while in the loading area.


Loading Rack Grounding Requirements


All trucks loaded at Lemont must be equipped to accept the 7 prong API / ATA approved male grounding connector. The 7 prong female receptacle should be mounted on the right side, middle of the trailer, adjacent to the side manifold.

BOTH THE TOP PIN (the larger pin) AND THE CENTER PIN of the plug must be connected to the trailer frame by a wire approximately 4 to 5 inches in length. (See the illustrations below.)

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