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Refinery Worker

Our Values

CITGO is committed to a set of core values that guide us every day.

The values are the foundation of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and express the expectations of our employees, contractors and those who we do business with. We embrace active, positive roles in our communities.

Safety, Health, and Environment

We operate our businesses safely and as good stewards of the environment. If it is not safe, we will not do it. We will comply with environmental regulations and serve as guardians of our natural resources and environment. We recognize that safety, the health of our employees and environmental stewardship are every employee's responsibility



We are honest and open with each other, our customers and our stakeholders. We recognize that integrity in all that we do is essential to our long-term success.



We understand the value of people to our corporation's success. As such, we trust, respect and value the opinions of all employees, customers and stakeholders. This is critical to teamwork and collaborative efforts. We will work as a team, seamlessly and across departmental lines to achieve our corporate goals.



We reward employees on the basis of their performance and contribution to the corporation. We recognize diversity as a key strength. We recognize the unique value of each employee and the varied perspective he or she provides. We foster an inclusive environment that enables each of us to fully participate and contribute.

Social Responsibility

We understand that we operate as a privilege in the communities where we serve, not as a right. We promote and participate in a wide variety of social development programs to improve the quality of life of people, especially those who feel the severe backlash of poverty. We also promote the spirit of volunteerism and encourage employees to take active roles in our communities.



We will ensure the availability of our operations by making sure work processes and equipment are always ready and capable of performing their assigned work. It is only by being available that we can continue to ensure the safety and health of our employees and our neighbors, the protection of our natural resources, the reliable supply of product to our customers and our commitment to social responsibility.



We will be competitive through efficient and reliable operations, high quality products and superior customer service. We adopt best practices, seek innovation and share knowledge. We learn from our mistakes, from each other and from the best in our industry. We apply technology to our competitive advantage and are good stewards of our controllable costs.

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