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Media Gallery

We provide these resources as a courtesy to news media, our suppliers and employees who will use the images in a manner consistent with their relationship with us.


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CITGO monochrome logo
CITGO colored logo
Style Guide

The CITGO brand has become an American icon for quality products, talented people, outstanding performance, and exceptional corporate social responsibility standards. Our logo is a graphical representation of our brand and our reputation thus we appreciate its proper and consistent use.

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CITGO Headquarters
Man standing in front of CITGO sign
CITGO headquarters building
CITGO fountain in front of headquarters
Aerial view of CITGO headquarters
Head-on view of CITGO headquarters
CITGO Refinery: Lemont, Illinois
Construction works on siite
Female CITGO worker on site
CITGO refinery
CITGO refinery at sunset
CITGO building in front of refinery
CITGO Refinery: Corpus Christi, Texas
Ship in front of CITGO refinery
3/4 Perspective of CITGO refinery
Worker turning valve in refinery
CITGO refinery at sunset
Refinery at night
CITGO Refinery: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Refinery at nighttime
CITGO sign in front of refinery
Refinery by the water
CITGO worker in front of refinery
Angled view of CITGO refinery at night
CITGO Lubricants
Lubes machinery
Man working on car with Mystik Lubes
Another angle of man working on car with Mystik lubes
Mystik lubes being poured in car
Mystik lubes being poured into car
CITGARD on conveyor belt
CITGO staff driving forklift
CITGO barrels
CITGO Pipelines
Man cranking CITGO valve
CITGO pipes
More CITGO pipelines
CITGO Terminals
CITGO gas station
18-wheeler refilling gas at CITGO
CITGO Gas Stations
CITGO gas station angled
CITGO gas station at night
CITGO station after rain

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