CITGO Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Doing Business With Us

To support our business operations, we work with businesses and suppliers to purchase goods and services related to manufacturing, transporting and marketing gasoline, lubricants and other petroleum products; serving the needs of our refineries, field locations and corporate office. We value our relationships with diverse suppliers, including minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) that allow us to deliver superior products, services and superb customer service, which mutually impact our bottom line. We welcome potential business partners to learn more on how to be added to our supplier database should a business opportunity arise.

Register as CITGO Non-Hydrocarbon Supplier

Our CITGO Supplier database qualifies your company for consideration in a bidding process. The benefit to you is that your business information will be available to authorized personnel at all CITGO operational areas to access your company profile should a future business opportunity arise. Registering as a supplier is a secure way to ensure you are considered in a competitive bidding process. This process is designed to ensure equal opportunities; hence does not guarantee that your company or enterprise will be awarded business with CITGO.


Register as a CITGO Commercial Counterparty for Hydrocarbons

Registering as a prospective CITGO commercial counterparty allows us to perform initial screening of your organization for consideration as a supplier or customer of hydrocarbons (e.g., crude, feedstocks, refined products) and related services (e.g., transportation services, market intelligence services).  Upon successful completion of this initial screen, your candidacy will be forwarded to the CITGO business representative(s) associated with the business unit(s) with whom your organization wishes to engage.  This process ensures that viable business opportunities receive attention.


ISNetworld Registration

To be awarded CITGO business, suppliers must meet CITGO standard qualification requirements, including technical, operational and safety standards. If you provide services that may impact operations in a process related area (e.g. process unit, tank farm, dock facility, loading racks, etc.), that are potentially hazardous, or that require a safe work permit you must meet CITGO safety and insurance requirements. CITGO uses ISNetworld, a 3rd party company to verify insurance and safety requirements for a nominal fee. You will be required to provide insurance, safety, health and security information to our authorized agent, including:

  • Standard Supplier Questionnaire
  • Insurance Certificates (e.g. General Liability, Employee Liability, Automobile Liability, Workers Compensation)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) logs for the last 3 years
  • Employee Modifier Rate (EMR) letters for the last 3 years
  • Operator Qualification Report (OQR), if applicable.

CITGO Buying Group

In addition to our refining business, we offer our customers a wide range of quality products through our more than 5,300 independently owned and operated retail locations across the U.S. All in-store merchandise and maintenance services are purchased directly by a Marketer or Dealer who owns the location. CITGO does not interact in the purchase and negotiation of these products or services for our retail outlets, nor do we provide lists of our retail outlets for this purpose. Some of our Marketers participate in the CITGO Buying Group, which is managed through Consolidated Buying Company. You may find further information at

CITGO Supplier Diversity for Small Businesses and M/WBEs

We are committed to increasing participation of small businesses and minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBEs) in our vendor portfolio, and promoting equal access to opportunities.