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International Opportunities

You need more than a supplier. You need a business partner, a company that is as committed to helping your business as you are. As a refining company with approximately 769,000 barrels per day of capacity, we are dedicated to providing a secure and steady supply of refined products to wholesale distributors worldwide.

If you are interested in becoming a CITGO International Marketer/Distributor and would like to represent the CITGO brand under an International Franchise Marketing Agreement (subject to minimum volumes), please contact us today at CITGOInternational@citgo.com.


Products We Offer



We know quality fuels are important to your customers. All grades of our gasoline products – CITGO branded or unbranded – meet the performance needs of today’s modern engines.


Brand Licensing

Locations have reported volume increases of up to 30% after converting to our stunning street image. A beacon of great service, it is reasonably priced and easy to install.



We work hard to help you arrive at customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business. With four quality lubricant brands to offer, CITGO has the right products to meet all of your needs.

CITGO Lubricants

For on and off-highway fleet owners and managers, industrial/commercial managers and retailers, CITGO strives to improve the efficiency of every customer’s business and equipment, by working harder than anyone else to design the perfect combination of products and programs.

Visit CITGOLubes.com to learn more.

Mystik Lubricants

For rugged individualists — farmers, small fleet owners, powersports enthusiasts — who expect more from their specialized equipment, Mystik engineers precisely formulated lubricants for purpose-built machines, that demand maximum performance in the toughest conditions.

Visit MystikLubes.com to learn more.

Clarion Lubricants

For companies who need to comply with regulations in food, environmentally-sensitive industries and manufacturing, and companies who are open to more progressive solutions in unregulated sectors, Clarion offers a complete line of food and environmental lubricant solutions to protect your business, your equipment and your reputation while assuring a more sustainable future.

Visit ClarionLubricants.com to learn more.




From adhesives to paint and coatings, the petrochemicals and solvents we sell become the building blocks used to create thousands of products we use in our everyday lives.



Register as a CITGO Commercial Counterparty for Hydrocarbons

Registering as a prospective CITGO commercial counterparty allows us to perform initial screening of your organization for consideration as a supplier or customer of hydrocarbons (e.g., crude, feedstocks, refined products) and related services (e.g., transportation services, market intelligence services).  Upon successful completion of this initial screen, your candidacy will be forwarded to the CITGO business representative(s) associated with the business unit(s) with whom your organization wishes to engage.  This process ensures that viable business opportunities receive attention.


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