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Safety is a CITGO core value that shapes our daily decisions at every level. Our visionary goal of zero injuries, illnesses, and incidents, known as Driving Toward Zero, is grounded in a strong safety culture that focuses on delivering superior performance and in our people’s continued commitment, dedication, and engagement to have a safe workplace for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

The CITGO Safety Culture

To reach our vision of zero incidents, CITGO has established a strong safety culture that is:

The CITGO team members collect and analyze relevant data to stay informed of our HSSE performance and trends.

The CITGO team members are confident to report HSSE concerns without fear of blame.

The CITGO team members learn from our opportunities and make changes to eliminate or minimize risks.

The CITGO team members are able to adjust our path, yet remain focused when faced by a dynamic and demanding task environment.

The CITGO team members understand the boundary between behaviors considered acceptable (safe) and unacceptable (at-risk) and act accordingly even when no one is watching.

The CITGO team members are empowered to intervene during day-to-day activities whenever HSSE requirements may not be clearly met and supporting each other in our obligation to Stop Work when risk is considered unacceptable.

The CITGO 10 Life Critical Rules of Safety

These rules enhance our safety performance and are specifically focused on reducing risks of serious incidents while performing critical activities. They are based on our health and safety standards and are a powerful tool to communicate critical requirements to our employees and contractors.

Every employee and contractor is required to learn all 10 rules, use them every day, and make them a regular part of our safety dialogue.



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