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Get ready for everyday savings on fuel and in-store purchases!

Your savings start when you download our Club CITGO app for the first time! You will receive a welcome* offer of 20¢ per gallon on your first fill-up. Then enjoy everyday savings of 3¢ per gallon, and even more savings on Tuesdays and Fridays (see details below).*

The savings are automatic each time you use Club CITGO, where you can also track product offers and find participating CITGO locations. Easy, right?

Two great offers when you use Club CITGO.

Super Premium TriCLEAN

Buy Super Premium TriCLEAN® gasoline, save an additional 7¢ per gallon for your next visit.*

Each time you fill up with 5 gallons or more of Super Premium TriCLEAN gasoline, you'll earn 7¢ per gallon bonus reward that will automatically apply to your next fuel purchase. Just type in your Alt ID (10-digit phone number) at the pump when you fill up to start earning your Super Premium bonus toward your next visit. Offer only available in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

  Premier Status Savings

Premier Status

Fill up 12 times and level up to Premier Status.*

More fill-ups earn you more Club CITGO savings. Enjoy everyday rewards of 6¢ per gallon when you become a Premier Status* member. Enter your Alt ID (10-digit phone number) each time you fill up with TriCLEAN gasoline. To achieve Premier Status, fill up 12 times with 8 gallons or more of fuel during a qualification period. Offer only available in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

Club CITGO App Home Screen

Here’s how to track your progress.

Saving money is fast and easy when you download the Club CITGO app. Find daily deals and CITGO stations near you. Plus, track your purchases on your way toward Premier Status eligibility, found on the SAVE page.

We make it easy for you.

Every time you fuel up with your Club CITGO app, the tracker will automatically update to show another purchase made towards earning Premier Status. As you build up to 12 purchases, you'll still be able to take advantage of Club Status everyday savings.

Club CITGO tracker screen 1
Club CITGO tracking screen 2

Welcome to Premier Status.

Once you complete 12 fuel purchases in one quarterly period, you will qualify for Premier Status. Club CITGO's 3¢ everyday savings will now be bumped up to 6¢ everyday savings. You'll be able to reap these rewards each time you fill up for the remaining quarterly period - and the next.

Save with Club CITGO
Save with Club CITGO

It’s “easy does it” with Club CITGO Rewards. No points to track. Redeemable right at the pump or in-store at participating locations. Just enter your Alt ID every time you have available rewards or offers. Instant savings are automatically applied.

At the pump: Select Club CITGO/Loyalty. Follow the prompts to enter your Alt ID. Then pay and save!

In store: Enter your Alt ID on the PIN pad at the register prior to paying. Couldn’t be easier!

Rewards That Stack
Rewards That Stack

It’s savings on top of savings! Club CITGO offers lots of ways to save, including everyday rewards and monthly promotions like Triple Tuesday and 5¢ Friday. Stack rewards and see the savings climb!

Heads up, Clubgoers: Each Triple Tuesday and 5¢ Friday reward is limited to Club CITGO members one time a month, up to 30 gallons at participating locations. See offer in the app for details.*

Download the Club CITGO app to start saving!

The app will also point you to participating locations, to keep the rewards flowing.

Club CITGO Logo
Download on the App Store Get on Google Play

Join the Club!

Seriously – you can’t afford to pass up on all the money-saving perks – including your 20¢ welcome bonus.*


General Club CITGO FAQ

Before paying at the pump, select Club CITGO/Loyalty and follow the prompts to enter your Club CITGO Alt ID. If prompted to swipe a Loyalty Card, select Done. For in-store or pre-paid fuel discounts, select Loyalty on the PIN pad screen then enter your Alt ID before paying.

Your Alt ID, sometimes called a Loyalty ID, is the 10-digit phone number you registered with your account. You can also see your ALT ID in the app by doing the following: Launch the Club CITGO App and tap the bar code symbol in the upper right corner of the home screen. It will display your Alt ID.

CITGO locations are independently owned and operated. To find a participating location, launch the Club CITGO app and tap on the Stations button on to the top of the home screen, or tap the Stations button in the bottom menu bar from any screen to find a participating location near you.

Club CITGO rewards can be redeemed for fuel purchases that are dispensed in connection with a Point of Sale (POS) system that has been configured for Club CITGO loyalty. If a locally owned CITGO location offers stand-alone Diesel pumps connected to another POS system, those purchases may not be included in any Club CITGO promotions.

Some participating Club CITGO locations do offer discounts on store items. To find available offers, tap the Stations button in the Club CITGO app, then tap your preferred station. A list of all available offers for this location will display.

Log into the Club CITGO app, tap the Profile icon in the upper left corner, scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset your password. If you can’t remember your password, tap Login, and tap Forgot your password. You will be prompted to enter your email address and then tap Send email. A link will be sent to your email to reset your password. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your spam/junk/promotions/other folder. Open the Password Change Request email and click the link that says “click here” and a window will open where you can enter your new password. If you no longer have access to that email, you will have to register a new account with a new email address.

Yes, we use push notifications to send you updates on new promotions and ways to earn in your area.

Currently, the Club CITGO app does not display purchase receipts. However, you can see the rewards you have redeemed. Simply tap More and then select Redeemed Rewards to see all your recent activity.

By turning on location services, the Club CITGO app finds locations closest to your current position. If location services are turned off, the app will find locations near your zip code in your profile home address.

If you believe your account has been compromised, contact Club CITGO customer service immediately: 1-888-246-2582 or

Club CITGO is only available as a smart phone app. However, CITGO offers other ways to receive discounts. The CITGO Rewards Card is a credit card that earns you 5¢ on every gallon (subject to credit approval) in fuel statement credits.

Due to security protocols, the Club CITGO app will not work on jailbroken, rooted or virtual devices. The app also will not launch on Android devices that have turned on debug mode, also known as developer mode. If you have an Android device and wish to check if debug mode is turned on, an online search for "how to find debug mode on android phone" should help provide several articles / videos that reference how to find it.

Premium Bonus Reward FAQ

CITGO is piloting the introduction of bonus Rewards that can be earned by purchasing super premium gasoline.
Club CITGO members using their member IDs who purchase 5 gallons or more of super premium gasoline earn a bonus reward on their next fuel purchase.
Yes, after each purchase of 5 gallons or more of super premium gasoline, Club CITGO members receive a reward for their next fuel purchase.
No, once the reward is earned, the reward can be redeemed for any fuel grade purchase when using the Club CITGO member ID.
Yes, the reward will stack with all available rewards, including the everyday reward.
Once earned, the reward is available until the end of the following month. For example, if it is earned July 15, the reward is valid until August 31.
The rewards are available in Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. The reward values vary by state.
For questions relating to Club CITGO, members can call the CITGO Customer Service Help Desk at 1-888-246-2582 or email
The promotion is available from July 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.

Membership Tiers FAQ

CITGO is piloting the introduction of Club CITGO® membership tiers in limited geographies. All Club CITGO members qualify for Club Status, which offers everyday rewards of 3 cents per gallon. Club CITGO® members who earn Premier Status, will enjoy everyday rewards of 6 cents per gallon.

Premier Status rewards are only available in Indiana, New York, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Premier Status members purchasing fuel in other states will only receive Club Status rewards.

To achieve Premier Status, Club CITGO members must make 12 qualifying fuel purchases of 8 gallons or more using their ALT ID during a quarterly cycle. Once earned, Premier Status is valid until the end of the following quarterly cycle.

The quarterly cycles are January 1 – March 31 (Q1), April 1 – June 30 (Q2), July 1– September 30 (Q3), and October 1 – December 31 (Q4).

In addition to everyday rewards of 6 cents a gallon, Premier Status Members can also take advantage of monthly rewards, Triple Tuesday and 5¢ Friday. Each reward is limited to one redemption a month.

  Everyday Reward Triple Tuesday Reward 5¢ Friday Reward
Club Status Member 3 X 3¢ = 2¢ + 3¢ =
Premier Status Member 3 X 6¢ = 18¢ 2¢ + 6¢ =

Yes, if they meet the criteria of 12 purchases of 8 gallons or more during each quarterly calendar cycle, they will continue to enjoy the added benefits of Premier Status.

The Club CITGO app tracks qualifying purchases so members can review their status at any time. Tap the Save button on the bottom menu bar in the Club CITGO app. The status bar will appear at the top of the screen. Tap the status bar to learn more about membership tier benefits.

The promotion will run from July 1 to December 31, 2024. In the event that CITGO discontinues membership tiers, members who achieved Premier Status will enjoy their added savings until the end of the following quarterly cycle in which the status was earned.

Join the Club and you're good to go

Have questions about Club CITGO? or call 1-888-2-GO-CLUB (1-888-246-2582)

By participating in Club CITGO, you agree to Club CITGO Terms & Conditions, the CITGO Terms & Conditions and the CITGO Privacy Policy

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