Aims to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

{^widget|(name)ImageWithCaption|(ImageWithCaptionImage)%7e%2fgetmedia%2fa361cf5d-2cc3-4016-943b-3c4a08721078%2fSBF-01.jpg.aspx%3fwidth%3d497%26height%3d331%26ext%3d.jpg|(ImageWithCaptionImageAltText)SBF|(Container)FloatRight|(ContainerCSSClass)scale-with-grid+imgrounded|(image_guid)c7ef409a-022e-4049-bdf0-bcdafd9808f7|(widget_displayname)Image+w%2f+Caption^}HOUSTON, October 14, 2019 – The Simón Bolivar Foundation (SBF), a non-profit, private foundation of CITGO Petroleum Corporation, launched a new grant program aimed at empowering non profit organizations whose purpose is to lessen the suffering of individuals affected by the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The announcement took place during a meeting of the foundation at CITGO headquarters in Houston, Texas that featured guest speakers highlighting the Venezuelan crisis.

Each of the speakers focused on the wide range of challenges within the country, from clean water to lack of basic medical supplies and medicines to the spread of disease. They also  stressed the urgency of the humanitarian crisis and the need to find creative ways to get help to the people inside the country. 

The meeting also provided an opportunity to connect organizations and resources focused on the unique challenges of providing aid to Venezuela. Through the newly announced grants program, the Simón Bolivar Foundation hopes to be the catalyst that enables interested organizations to more effectively meet these humanitarian needs.

“This innovative program marks a significant step towards strengthening the mission and impact of the Simón Bolivar Foundation,” said CITGO Chairwoman Luisa Palacios. “Our goal is to give back to the Venezuelan people by empowering those NGOs that have a track record of doing so. The Foundation objectives are to help as many lives possible by providing hope and assistance to those most in need.”

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  • Increase access to medicine and health-care services for low-income and vulnerable individuals and communities;
  • Increase capacity of medical professionals to serve and treat patients through education and support; and
  • Support education and access to preventative health care and well-being initiatives inclusive of nutrition.

Grant applications will be evaluated based on their potential community impact, innovation, and cost effectiveness. Particular attention will be placed towards existing NGOs that show strong corporate governance. Applications via the grant portal will be available later in October. For further information or to apply, please visit


About the Simón Bolívar Foundation
The Simón Bolívar Foundation was established in 2006 as the 501(c)(3) non-profit, private foundation of CITGO Petroleum Corporation. The SBF serves as a catalyst to transform lives by connecting and networking community members to take community action. Initiatives leverage existing resources and invest in organizations to meet the immediate and long-term health needs of the most vulnerable in and from Venezuela, the United States and other countries. The SBF supports a wide range of programming and direct support—creating dividends to the benefit the wider community for years to come.For more information, visit

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